Homeopathy and Homeopathic Treatment Options Are Available at The Seattle Naturopathic Clinic

Homeopathy is based on the tenant of homeopathic philosophy of simillimum or "like cures like." A homeopathic treatment is given as a highly diluted concentration of a substance to treat a specific set of symptoms, as opposed to a particular disease, per se. If the same substance were given to a healthy person, it would create a similar set of symptoms.

The art and science of homeopathy is implicit in the practitioner's skill in choosing the most closely matched remedy to the patient's particular and unique set of symptoms and in choosing the correct "potency" or dilution, and the dosage schedule, if given more than once.

Any homeopathic remedy is made of a highly diluted substance. Most remedies are prepared from plant, animal or mineral and diluted anywhere from ten to many thousands of times. They are then "succussed," or vigorously thumped on a hard surface and are dispensed as pellets, liquid drops and are now commonly available in gels, lotions and creams for certain symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies can be applied for acute problems, constitutional problems (lifelong state), and chronic problems. There is increasing popularity in the use of certain homeopathic preparations for specific disease treatment and prevention, including influenza.

Trained in the use of homeopathic remedies, The Seattle Naturopathic Clinic uses them in conjunction with other natural remedies depending on individual health needs.

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