Naturopathic services include Botanical medicine, Clinical nutrition, Detoxification, Weight loss, Diet & Lifestyle counseling, Optimal health counseling, Disease prevention, Hydrotherapy, Physical medicine, Homeopathy, Orthomolecular medicine, and Hormone replacement.

The Principles and Philosophy of Naturopathy and Naturopathic Medicine:

First, Do No Harm - Primum non Nocere

Naturopathic physicians use the least invasive treatments and techniques necessary. They are trained to recognize when to refer patients to appropriate providers when the need arises.

Find the Cause - Tolle Causam

We search for the underlying cause of disease. It is our goal to remove the problem at the source since masking or suppressing symptoms can be potentially harmful. Lifestyle, emotions, stress, and diet can all play an important role in the cause of disease.

Healing Power of Nature - Vis Medicatrix Naturae

We believe the body has an innate healing capacity. When those processes become disturbed and go out of balance, the individual experiences poor health. Naturopathic physicians use treatments that naturally support those processes, restoring the individual to good health.

Treat the Whole Person - Tolle Totum

Naturopathic physicians treat people, not just diseases. We take into account the integral nature of the individual's body, mind, spirit, environment, lifestyle and genetics in our approach and treatment.

Physician as Teacher - Docere

It is our duty and privilege to take adequate time to educate our patients on principles of healthy living to promote wellness and prevent disease.


Prevention is the best medicine. Minor problems can become lifelong degenerative disease if not addressed and treated appropriately early on. We identify risk factors and teach individuals healthy living in order to avoid developing major disease.